About Us

What started out as a craft project over 26 years ago has grown into a vibrant husband and wife business venture. In that time Barbara Downey may have become the most prolific screen painter of all time. Since 1996 she has hand-painted enough Earring & Jewelry Holders to support nearly 30 Art & Craft shows a year and now this extremely popular e-commerce website too. That's a lot of jewelry organizers!

Barb had an earring storage problem and she knew it. She made her first earring holder from an embroidery hoop. A friend asked for one and she decorated the wood frame. A couple of more friends were in the craft show business and suggested Barb make a few and set up shop at a local show. Those first few shows were a moderate success and before long she had contracted to have some frames made. The painting went from the mesh to the frame; the frames became bigger and soon Barb was accepted into some of the finest Art & Craft Shows on the East Coast. 

While successful in her pursuits, it wasn't until her husband David left his full time job in 2002 that things really took off. He began making all their frames and together they went on the road for months at a time while exhibiting at such popular shows as the Ann Arbor Art Fair in Michigan and One of a Kind in Chicago, among dozens of others.

Today they are based out of their home studio in Livonia, MI and are still showing at events throughout the East and Midwest. They are also firm in their beliefs about their products being handcrafted in the USA. No imports here.

Barbara and David have five children and eight beautiful grandchildren.