Customer Receives Free Earring Holder

Customer Receives Free Earring Holder

Posted by David Downey on 26th Jun 2017

To show off our personalized Earring Holders, Barbara always paints a few examples to put in our art show booth. Some customers prefer just one letter so we usually have an "M", "K", or a "S" available. Other customers prefer a full traditional monogram so we will just pick three letters out of the air to show how that will appear on the design of their choice.

Once in a while a surprised guest will shout: "Hey, those are my initials!" and when that happens we give them that Earring Holder free of charge.


Pictured here are Barbara (left) from the Earring Holder Gallery with Kim from Leonard, MI who was attending the St.Clair Art Festival last weekend. Kim said she really needed to organize her jewelry and now she can do it in style with her new hand painted frame.

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