Original Earring Holder - Monogram - Flip Flops


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Remember those warm and fuzzies as you sifted smooth sand between your toes at the beach? Revive those same feelings as you display your favorite earrings on this 7" x 10" Original Monogrammed Flip-Flops Earring Holder from the Earring Holder Gallery. You can choose from many different color combos. Each Earring Holder is a functional piece of original art used to display all types of pierced earrings and is made from an incredibly strong fiberglass mesh guaranteed to never tear, rust, or tarnish. Unlike some other styles of Earring Holders ours can accommodate all types of pierced earrings: Posts go anywhere in the mesh and are secured by their backs; French Wires slip into any of the thousands of little holes and hoops and lever backs are easy with our "Wire Thingy" accessory. This design can also be ordered without a monogram.  Check out our Jewelry Trees as an optional method of hanging the frame and organizing your other jewelry. BONUS: We always ship a FREE Wire Thingy with each Earring Holder you order. You do NOT need to order this accessory - it will be included with your shipment automatically. CLICK HERE TO ORDER EXTRA WIRE THINGYS