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Say goodbye to lost earrings and tangled necklaces!  These wood frame Earring & Jewelry Organizers feature a hand painted screen and are the perfect way to display your favorite earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in style. It makes a unique gift for any jewelry lover and looks great hanging on the bedroom wall or next to the bathroom mirror. Where will you hang yours?


* Professionally made wood frame with a white distressed shabby chic finish.

* The GIRLFRIENDS design is hand painted on the screen creating a functional piece of original art.

* Our 19" x 10" DELUXE EARRING HOLDERS will hold approximately 35 - 50 pairs of earrings, or more if the earrings are small. The 10" X 14" TALL EARRING HOLDERS will hold about 25 - 35 pairs.

* Each comes with a color coordinated wooden jewelry bar for hanging necklaces, bracelets or other accessories.

* Picture hangers are attached to the back for easy hanging.

* Beautiful in any style bedroom or bathroom.

* The screen is fiberglass so no need to worry about rust or tarnish.

* Screen is very strong so it will not pull or rip no matter the weight of your earrings.
* Easy to clean - just dust. 

* Stud earrings go anywhere in the mesh and are secured by their backs.

* French Wires slip into any of the thousands of little holes.

* Hoops and lever back earrings are easy with our "Wire Thingy" accessory. (One included FREE with each earring holder ordered.)  

* Each Earring Holder is completely handmade and painted by us in our Michigan, USA studio.

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