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This Earring and Jewelry Organizer features a hand painted screen and is the perfect way to organize earrings, necklaces and bracelets in style. It makes a unique gift for any jewelry lover and looks great standing on the bedroom dresser or hanging next to the bathroom mirror. Where will you put yours?

Our Classic Earring Holders measure 7" X 10" and include a hanger so they can be hung on the wall or on one of our Necklace Stands. As an alternative, these same frames can be ordered with a permanently attached Wood Base or fashioned with Jewelry Hooks for necklaces and bracelets. 


* Professionally made wood frame with a white distressed shabby chic finish.
* The BEACH UMBRELLA design is hand painted on the screen creating a functional piece of original art.
* This Earring Holder will organize approximately 20- 35 pairs of earrings, or more if the earrings are small.
* Hang necklaces and bracelets from the optional necklace stand or jewelry hooks.
* Beautiful in any style bedroom or bathroom.
* The screen is fiberglass so no need to worry about rust or tarnish.
* Screen is very strong so it will not pull or rip no matter the weight of your earrings.
* Easy to clean - just dust.
* Stud earrings go anywhere in the mesh and are secured by their backs.
* French Wires earrings slip into any of the thousands of little holes.
* Hoop earrings are easy with our Wire Thingy accessory. (One included FREE with each earring holder ordered.)
* Each Earring Holder is handcrafted in our Michigan studio.  

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