Original Earring Holder - Diamond /Black Distressed

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Hand Painted Earring Holder Frame with Diamond Design

* Professionally Made Wood Frame with a black distressed finish 

* Each design is Hand Painted on Screen.

* 7" x 10" Original Earring Holders organize approximately 20- 35 pairs of earrings, or even more if the earrings are small.

* This Earring Organizer has a removable stand that doubles as a wall hanger.

* Can also be hung with our popular Jewelry Tree. Go to https://www.earringholders.com/jewelry-trees for more information.

* Functional piece of original art.

* The screen is fiberglass, so no need to worry about the screen rusting or tarnishing.

* Screen is also strong enough so it will not pull or rip no matter the weight of your earrings.

* Beautiful in any style bedroom or bathroom.

* Post Earrings go anywhere in the mesh and are secured by their backs.

* French Wires slip into any of the thousands of little holes.

* Hoops and Lever Backs are easy with our "Wire Thingy" accessory. (One included FREE with each earring holder ordered.) See https://www.earringholders.com/wire-thingys to order extra Wire Thingys. 





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