Classic Quatable Earring Holder - Joy in the Journey

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Classic Quatable Earring Holder - Joy in the Journey

Shabby Chic Wood Frame Earring Holder for Pierced Earrings

Hand-Painted Earring Organizer on Fiberglass Mesh

With our New Quotable Line of Earring & Jewelry Holders we offer many quotes that will inspire you daily as you select your earrings. Start your Day with a positive reminder that its up to you how it will go.

Each Earring Holder is a functional piece of original art hand painted on screen.

7" x 10" Original Earring Holders organize approximately 20 - 35 pairs of earrings, or even more if the earrings are small.

Fiberglass mesh is guaranteed not to tarnish, rust or tear.

Mesh is also strong enough so it will not pull or rip no matter the weight of your earrings.

Easy to clean - just dust.

Great way to store your pierced earrings.

Stud Earrings go anywhere in the mesh and are secured by their backs.

French Wires slip into any of the thousands of little holes.

Hoops and lever backs are easy with our "Wire Thingy" accessory. (One included FREE with each earring holder ordered.)  See to order extra Wire Thingys. 

Can also be  hung with our popular Jewelry Tree. Go to for more information.

Great Gift Idea for Women!

All Earring Holder Gallery products carry a limited lifetime replacement warranty. Under normal use the screen is guaranteed to never tear, rust or tarnish. The hand painted image is also guaranteed not to fade or chip when used as intended. Should either event occur return the item to us and at our discretion we will either replace or repair the earring holder at no charge.