Brides To Be

Congratulations! Your Wedding Day is going to be special.
Your closest friends and family will be there and you want everyone
to have a great memory of the occasion.

 The Earring Holder Gallery is proud to offer a
Bridesmaids Package.

You want to THANK your attendants, not only for being with you on your day, but for being there all along - good times and bad. Earring & Jewelry Holders from the Earrng Holder Gallery are perfect way to show your appreciation and we've designed a special program just for you. It works like this:

Check out all the unique Earring & Jewelry Holders here on While the Monograms work best as gift items, any Earring Holder is available for this offer. Remember each one is a hand painted original so we can use yjojo-and-bridesmaids.jpgour Wedding colors even if they aren't shown as an option on the website.

Send us your announment.....from the newspaper, internet, or even one of your formal invitations; whatever you used to let the world know about your upcoming wedding. We'll then create code that you can use so that when you purchase your bridesmaids gifts from our website you'll recieve one for yourself FREE!

The fine print:

1. Each Earringholder (including the Bride's FREE one) must be the same size. Minimum of three bridesmaids Earringholders must be purchased. If you have a large wedding party (8 or more) we will work with you to upgrade your FREE Earringholder. For example: you may want two FREE earringholders or you may want yours to be a larger size.  We're flexible as long as it works for both you and us.

2. Like everybody else we need you to plan ahead. Allow at least four weeks for us to process and ship your order. In the unlikely event there is a problem we want to be able to make it right before it becomes a crisis.

3. Be sure that you double check your order for accuracy. Personalized items are not available for return, and from experience we don't want to have issues with any Bride To Be. Let's get it right the first time.

4.  We love questions. Please send us your questions or comments using the form below.